Digital Print

November 2014 sees us making a major investment in the future as we take delivery of our brand new HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Press and offline finishing equipment, all to be installed into our newly built digital press room. With HD print quality, perfect registration and the widest colour gamut available in the industry, the HP Indigo WS6600 offers us unmatched versatility to supply your reel fed self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging and sleeves.

Digital Printing has really changed outlook of traditional printing methods and provides many advantages for label printing.

Using the latest HP Indigo technology allows us to create the highest quality printed labels. Jobs can also be personalised with variable printed data such as sequential numbering.

It is very cost effective due to low setup fees.

Fast turnarounds times are achievable as the job is printed in its finished format without the need for additional drying time.

We can print on a variety of substrates and we can finish your labels to any size.

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